One time in Tonquin Valley in Jasper my boss Gord Dixon and I wanted try scare a grizzly bear out of camp. We had one bear banger. It is just like a flare gun. It shoots out flame for about 40 feet than explodes. It was pitch black outside. I held the flash light and Gord had the bear banger.We snuck out to the burn pile.                                                                                                                                                       "OK Mongo you hold the light on his eyes. There, there." That's how Gord talked.

 "Ok Gord." 

 Bang without warning the flare was off!

We realized at the same time that the banger might go off behind him which would leave a large scared GRIZZLY running fast as a horse right towards us. We stood up to run for our lives. Gord one way me the other. With a full head of steam our heads collide like two full rut RAMS.Knocked us both back down to our asses.

Imagine this fiasco, then dead silence and darkness. And the Grizzly making tracks the other direction. Pretty funny.